Thursday, August 18, 2011

Payment Gateway Hassles in India - How to contact them?

I've struggled for past 1 year to get payment gateway for my site. Since it's not making any dent in the market I've postponed my plan to get a payment gateway for my Ecommerce site.
During this period I've communicated with a few companies which I want world to know about.
India is a place of hassles, hassle to get gas, to even make a phone call - so is getting a payment gateway in India. Getting a payment gateway comes later but before this we need information from companies and we need to talk with the company executives, but hardly is there any professional company in India giving quality payment gateway service.
There is hardly any information available as to how to select a payment gateway beyond a relatively unknown site: payment gateways India.
Here I go:


It boasts itself of largest payment gateway service provider in India with more than 5000 merchants using it's payment gateway.
It provides in its site 4 customer care phone numbers( 24x6). But when you try calling none will connect. A couple of them don't exist.
Go and chat with their online chat service. Most of the time it will not work. You'll type a long question and after some waiting when it shows that your number is 1/2 then suddenly it shows a contact us form and asks us to type in the question again! Pathetic company.
I've occasionally found some technical glitches and I was asked to send email to . God only knows who lives in that mail id. Nobody ever responds if you send any technical problem. God bless this company.


Another jerk company. One lady named Krupa will attend to online chat. I contacted with them for my site, but I was reminded that "concerned person will contact you". But I never heard from them

ICICI Payseal

Lot of people want Payseal for their Ecommerce site. Previously they were having some pages about their product and service then it disappeared. Now you can find some firstdata... site showing ICICI Merchant products. Their long FAQ has disappeared. No pricing, feature information anywhere in the internet.
Recently I made a call at their customer care numbers, 3 times I was redirected. But their interest rates are low. Contacting them - difficult.


No information about their products and services available on the internet. What they want to hide?


I came to know about this unknown company from payment gateways India site. It has no product and features information or pricing. I tried calling them but nobody lifted the phone.


Looks like offering cheapest payment gateway plan. But there is only single 1800.. customer care number on their site. Whenever I and my friend try to call we get "Number doesn't exist". Two times even sent email to them by using online contact form. 1 month has passed by, no reply. Does this company really exist?


Another horrible company. Somehow I could talk to someone, who told me that if you've signed up at our site, it'd take 2 weeks for them to tell me if my site is approved or not. Can't believe! 2 weeks just to get approved. This guy wasn't in any mood to sell his product. But I never heard back from this company for my site.


Unknown company without any product information at its site. It's pricing is so high. God knows who buys from such a jerk company. I've also found out a hidden fact that it charges Rs. 20 for refund of any order.


Vasanth said...

We had a terrible experience with EBS. Access to development kit was given in 1 week, even though it was promised in 24 hours. After finishing the integration, it took close to 2 months for them to make it live. After having gone through 3 levels of verification, from them and their bankers (citibank), we made it live. On one fine friday evening (monday was also a holiday), they inform us that they are stopping the service immediately because, our website is in violation of their policies. The violation is - "User has the choice of selecting wine along with gift articles". When I go back and check their policy document, nothing about wine was mentioned. No amount of logic seems to be convincing them. EBS is one of the most unprofessional teams I have seen in payment gateway services. Though we were in India, we were able to finish Paypal integration and make it live in under a week. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM EBS. They never return calls and make empty promises. This happens at the highest levels also -including their CEO Mr. Prabhu.

A Gupta said...

If it is not in the terms you'd signed with EBS then please don't hesitate to contact a suitable lawyer. EBS ought to pay you the damages for this silly mistake.

Aravind said...

You can discuss CCAvenue complaints at CCAvenue consumer complaints forum

Rishit Khandelwal said...

CC Avenue is a worst service provider; they never care to help their clients if any technical error is occurred.

We got some technical issues with their gateway and sent them a lots of mails but no revert from their side, we escalated this issue to their higher management team like CEO, COO etc but no help.

We gone for their services around five years ago and realized that whenever we got any problem with their system they were not there to help us, they not even bother to revert to the mails, and finally we have de-activated CC Avenue from our website now.

V B said...

Mr.Gupta i see that you are not happy with any of the Paymeent Gateway options in India..But i dont see any mention of is a Times Group initiative..They are one of the better Payment Gateways in the country!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rishit..which payment service provider are you using now?

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